With XM Forex leverage is 888 times. Transaction fee is free. The negative balance will be reset. Deposit from 5 dollars. Account opening is completed in about 5 minutes, transactions can be started in the shortest 60 minutes. Let's start with a bonus of $ 30.

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It is famous for foreign FX xm, but the number of users recently exceeded one million people. It is amazing ...

Why is this only popular? I gathered the reputation.

Reason for good reputation of 【XM - FX】

The good reputation of xm is the popularity of the quality of user support, high leverage, zero cut to zero the negative balance, no contract refusal, fee free, monthly campaign, certainty of money acquisition. Let's see in order.

XM supports over 30 languages

When contacting the support center, you will be troubled in a foreign language, do not you?

Since XM corresponds to more than 30 languages, users around the world can use it with confidence.

Of course, it corresponds to English.

XM tells us the events in which the market moves greatly in advance

We will tell you on site beforehand, so-called economic indicators and presidential elections. People accustomed to FX may be commonplace, but since FX beginners are apt to forget these events, it is safe.

XM is high leverage up to 888 times

It is no exaggeration to say that leverage is the real pleasure of FX. Rather, you can not earn without leverage. With XM you can trade at high leverage of up to 888 times.

There are opinions such as high leverage is dangerous, but if you risk well control it will be a weapon to earn.

With XM, you can trade with less risk of high leverage with the zero cut described below.

XM has a system called zero cut

Suddenly have you heard the word pursuing? The confirmation is a mechanism that requires additional payment when the account balance becomes negative. In other words, until you deposit it you will be in debt to the FX company.

Since XM introduces a mechanism to reset this negative balance, even if the market moves greatly by any chance and the account becomes negative, 0 or less is cut, so you can trade with confidence.

XM does not reject commitment

An agreement refusal is that when the position is closed (settlement), the screen grayed out and it became impossible to click, or the mouse cursor turned round about after clicking and can not make a contract as you think. Even domestic vendors have had problems with vendors that can not be settled with Kurukuru. Since XM is an NDD dealer, it is impossible to do such a thing as it is an act of damaging the company's profit.

* NDD is an abbreviation of "no dealing desk", and it contracts at the rate of the covered financial institution without going through the FX trader, so the profit of the FX company becomes spreads and commissions. XM uses this method

* Conversely, since the FX company intervenes in the DD scheme, there is a case that a disadvantageous rate comes out and a negative position is offset by a drinking act. FX companies benefit from spreads, fees, customer negative

XM fee is free

Transaction fees are free for XM. You can trade with spreads only.

However, paying attention to the XM Zero account requires a caution.

Normally you use a standard with no fee, it is also a handy currency that spreads widely open, and you can also use XM Zero account on scenes.

XM holds monthly campaign

Xm has a campaign every month. Anyone who can open an account with what is called FX World Championship can participate. Ten rounds (one month) will be done 10 times, with a top prize of 50,000 dollars will be distributed by top 90 people for each round. Top winners advance to semifinals, the final, and the winner will get $ 500,000. Moreover, the participation cost of the final game is heavy that XM burden. It is a campaign that can be done because it is a large company that can hold users around the world.

In addition, we also have seminars in various countries and there are many exposures in the real world.

Certainty of acquisition

I think that overseas FX is the place to worry about depositing / withdrawing the most. In XM you can choose from three types: deposit with VISA card, overseas remittance between banks, deposit with bit coin.

It is the same with the withdrawal, but here also there are two points to note.

Deposit by credit card comes back to the card as refund, the difference is bank transfer
Bonus can not withdraw money
Although some people are complaining about not being able to withdraw money without knowing this, they are also written on the official website, and if not understood, support will teach carefully with chat and e-mail.
How was that. XM provides an environment that can concentrate on trading. Although I first wrote it, I am convinced that one million people are using it.
Why do not you try it even from a small amount.

XM Forex Used by 1 million people worldwide

XM Forex

  • UP TO 888:1 LEVERAGE
  • UP TO $5000 BONUS


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